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Commercial Shopfronts

A First impression is always a lasting one and is extremely essential in any respect due to the competitive pressures we are faced with in the modern high street. A high quality well designed shopfront will always standout to those it was intended for and can become a retailer’s selling point which can impact the business objectives and the amount of custom they receive at no additional cost.

Attract Customers

Using our vast skillset and experience we have amassed a record of proven success that our shopfronts are successful in the British marketplace. We have manufactured and installed many shopfronts throughout the nation for example in shopping centres , office or various other retail locations and we always comply in line with the demands of architects, contractors and local authorities.

Various Designs

UK Shopfront and Glazing offers the marketplace a wide range of shopfronts to choose from where we can glaze any shopfront with different varieties of glazing (toughened/laminated safety glass) and can manufacture framework using aluminum, toughened glass (frameless) or timber materials. Our entrance doors can be either manual push doors using a concealed hydraulic transom closer, automatic doors that can be fitted with swing or sliding options alternatively have a row of bi-folding doors. The choices are vast and all objectives can be achieved.


One of our widely used and versatile shopfront is the one constructed from aluminium sections and fitted with laminated glass. Using a modern version of aluminium, its properties are very durable, lightweight, high strength and are highly resistant to corrosion caused by industrial pollutants. From an economical viewpoint the aluminium shopfront also has great budget appeal as it requires little long term maintenance costs and initial installation costs are lower as opposed to other shopfronts.

Toughened Glass Frameless Shopfronts

Should your business mainly be based upon appearance this ultra chique shopfront is the optimum choice for your business. The frameless appearance will give your business a dramatic look which will be more appealing and it could result in more customers’ coming into your shop.


This type of shopfront embraces a traditional appearance to the shop especially if premises are located within the high street or it can be beneficial if the building where the shopfront is being fitted is in a conservation area /listed building.

Additional Options

All shopfronts can be customized to individual requirement we have a range of ironmongery options from entrance handles to door closers to choose from. In addition we give our clients a color chart from over 200 colors to choose from and with most of our shopfronts with the exception of timber, each shopfront has it’s color powder coated on using a heating process ensuring the color lasts longer without fading away.

We offer a nationwide service and cover the whole of the UK including Wales and Scotland.


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