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Shop Glazing

Our range of glazing products are modern and stylish offering our clients maximum product exposure within prime shop real estate. Full glass fronts are great in high street retail establishments, airports and showrooms. The toughened glazing process used within the glass shopfront procedure looks great and has scratch resistant properties.

In addition all our Glazing designs are of a robust quality and superior build. The glazing itself can match all doors with a slight tint of colour and is a great assistance to help provide a particular type of ambiance for your business environment.

When used for commercial entrances, the fully glazed screen gives a welcoming impression to visitors but at the same time maintaining the privacy of those inside the building.

Laminated Safety Glass

This consists of 2 or more sheets of ordinary glass which sandwich a thin plastic inner layer. If smashed the broken glazing remain.

Tinted Glass Varieties and Other Obscure design Glass

This consists of 2 or more sheets of ordinary glass which sandwich a thin plastic inner layer. If smashed the broken glazing remains attached to the plastic thus reducing the risk of injury. This type of glazing is used within aluminum shopfronts and comes in many forms of thickness.

Toughened Glass

This is used where internal privacy is the main objective, the glazing used is obscured allowing natural light thought but cannot be seen through clearly. 

The most popular we have used are tinted glass where the glass can have a tint of black, green or brown so that it gives that discrete appearance. Another is using mirror glass where from the outside it gives the appearance of a mirror and internal privacy is retained. These options remain evidently popular in offices and restaurants.

Anti Bandit Glazing 

Anti-bandit Glass is a specialist security product. The multi-layered laminate resists penetration, the glass may break but the interlayer retains overall integrity and continues to act as an effective barrier. Protects against break-ins by preventing or slowing down burglary attempts and withstands repeated blows from heavy objects such as bricks, hammers, crowbars and similar hand held heavy objects.

It is glass that we have installed in many buildings, houses, post offices, pawnbrokers, jewellery shop and many other institutions where protection is required for staff against violent/threating situations.


Double glazed units glazing

Mirror Glazing, fitted at gyms, restaurants etc

Fire Resistance glass installation

In regards to the options above, please contact us for further information so that we can best advise on what would be the best option.

24hr Emergency Glass Repairs or Replacement

You can be rest assured of a fast and reliable service where our mobile units fix and replace glass within the M25 area 365 days a year. The job is small or large; we are on call and can help.

Call 0208 574 2256 for a guaranteed response.

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